Green Nitrile Gauntlets


Green Nitrile Gauntlets


Green Nitrile Gauntlets – size small.

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  • Sandy, roughened finish to palm and fingertips to improve grip in both wet and dry applications
  • Hard wearing and versatile for the toughest of messes
  • Soft and flexible with good dexterity and a soft flock lining for increased wearer comfort
  • Care should be taken when removing gloves to avoid any contaminant contacting bare skin
  • Antistatic properties meet the requirements of EN1149-1:1996 for surface resistivity
  • Chemical Resistance: EN374-3:2003: J K L / EN374-1:2016: A J K L O T (Type A) / EN374-5:2016
  • AQL 0.65 and food use approved

NOTE: Not recommended for use with concentrated corrosive liquids


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